The members

Alexandrine is a primary school teacher, one more ! She studied arts and psychology, which can hint you on how messy it can be inside of her head. To the point where she hates perfection and order. Even though she has been traveling a lot, we cannot expect much from her in terms of translation, for her Spanish can be summarized by the words two lovers can exchange. You tell me …

A primary school teacher with a passion for History (he graduated in History), Simon will make you forget all about those long and boring historical accounts you may have heard here and there. In fact, his silver tongue and his sense of humor are fascinating to us. His slightly chauvinistic part of him did not stopped him from going on adventures on several occasion : be it Rome or Avignon (by bicycle, of course), he is. This man is able to make you visit the Haut-Doubs and make you like it and that, in itself, is remarkable.

 Florent is a primary school teacher in the making.

This big hearted trailer will be able to get us out from delicate situation thanks to his fluency in English. Great dreamer, it may seem like he is from another world. Actually, he is a video game freak (and has an interest on « computer-things » we do not always understand). However, he knows how to enjoy the simple things of the « real » life : a great meal, a tasty drink and good music. Florent is a big fan of Queen former singer, Freddy Mercury and appreciative of Malakian (guitarist of System of a Down)’s riffs.


Member of the Primary School Teach Secret Cult, Loïc, our wonderfull treasurer, is an unconditionnal numbers and mathematics enthusiast. Which is far from being the case in Biology, the field he graduated in. Don’t try to understand him, he is a crazy joyful and optimistic person. And behind that smile lurks many surprises, one being as crazy as the next one. Let’s give scope for adventure !