Our project

Barcelona, here we come !

We are already imagining ourselves riding our bikes coming next summer, screaming this very sentence from the bottom of our hearts … We can’t wait for this moment ! After month and month of preparations, from the creation of our own charity organization to the planning of this trip, to raising donations, the most beautiful part of our project will then begin for us.

Let us explain how we managed to put ourselves in such a challenge …

Last summer when three of us went to Avignon by bicycle, the idea was only to go off on vacation in the south of France in an original way. We were expecting great moments along the road and we were not disappointed, to the point we made the promise to redo the same kind of journey the following summer, even though our trip wasn’t over already. We made the decision to go through all of this on a whim, after a joke that was made during a meal washed down with beer. We could not and would not want to stop on such a great ride.

That’s all fine, but where does the idea of doing this for charity come from ? Well, this little journey to Avignon was also a way for one of us to train himself to an even bigger challenge : going to Rome by bicycle a month later, with another member of our charity organization. This project was put together by the charity « Roulons pour l’Espoir » which reunites confirmed bike riders. With them, two of us went through the 1160 km which separates Besançon from Rome, in support of the « Maison des Familles de l’hôpital de Besançon », a structure which welcomes hospitalized patients’ family.

Avignon and Rome … From now on, we only needed to mix the two projects to create our own, which consists of going off on vacation with friends and do it for a cause which is important to us. We had a meeting in October 2017 to create « Les Rois de la Petite Reine » and were joined by a fifth member. We chose Barcelona as our destination and set an objective : to have the support of a Barcelona-based charity « Casa Dels Infants ».

The more time passes, the more we are determined to see our commitments through. During our trip to Avignon, we came to the realization that our trip gave more than one of the people we met along the road dreams. We are expecting that this year, you will join us in our project and support us… To cross two countries, two mountainous area in two weeks seems like a sweet madness that we expect will not leave us until we reach Barcelona.

Preparations are running in full speed, but our motivation keeps on growing, because we know you are supporting us. So, let us thank you warmly !